Por favor, Ayudarme con Juarez Documentary Translation Tasks

24 Jul 2007

A Call For Help

Okay! It’s done! thank you very much!

hi!! I need assistance transcribing into english some interviews for the documentary.

there are several clips here in mp3 form that you can translate (transcribe to english) if you want to help out.
This might look like a lot, but each clip is pretty short.

if you decide you’ll do one, edit that line in the list so it has your name after it, and check the checkbox. (hover your mouse over the item and an “edit” link will appear). then download the mp3 file and go at it.
if you decide you can’t do it after all, just uncheck the checkbox.

when you finish a clip, just email the translation to me. be sure you include the full filename. thanx!!!

Or if you don’t want to bother with the checkboxes and editing and stuff, dont worry about it. Just grab a clip, email me to tell me you’re working on it, and email me the results when you’re done.

my email is : steev at detritus dot net – let me know if it doesn’t let you edit anything here, or if you have questions or comments.

details: When you translate a clip, please type the time every sentence or 2 or so, so I can link the translation back up with the original footage again. for instance:

[23:45] Studies have been done that compare Tijuana with Juarez.

[23:57] They show that 3 times as many women die in Juarez, and they’re younger.


(also, if you want to use this audio for anything else, feel free.)

extra info: “alma” is Alma Gomez, “lucha” is Lucha Castro, both are lawyers and part of the group Justicia Para Nuestras Hijas, in Chihuahua City, representing several families of victims. Carmelita is the mother of David Meza, accused of murdering his cousin Neyra Cervantes and tortured by the police into confessing to the murder. He is in a prison in Chihuahua City. Josefina is a mother of a murdered woman in Juarez. Marisela is co-founder of Para Nuestras Hijas Regresa a Casa. Ramona is another mother of a victim. Beatriz is director of CETLAC, and Macrina is on the staff of the Mexico Solidarity Network.


Aug 20 macrina 3 Subclip from intro 1.mp3 314k – jenoun/sebastian
Aug 20 macrina 3 Subclip from intro 2.mp3 216k – jenoun/sebastian
Aug 20 norma 5 – 42.18.mp3 970k transcript in spanish done by jenoun, still need translation